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joeware – never stop exploring… :) » Blog Archive » MD-5 Nov 16, 2012 Running a Logoff Bat Script as Administrator Solutions I placed cpau.exe in the same folder and run the following command: C:\Manger\i386\CPAU.exe -u admin -ex C:\Manager\i386\logoff.bat-file logoff.dat -enc I'm prompted for the admin password and the encoded file is created and works great. So the problem lies in executing the job from a …

Jun 26, 2019 · Thanks for the detailed report! I'm going to have to bounce you to the sudo megathread, #1032 Right now, two things: You're using a shell fixture to launch cmd.exe directly -- it cannot reintegrate back into Windows Terminal because it's using the traditional launch mechanism for all console applications.

Kelly L. is seeking the collective wisdom on the best method of making sure your users have sufficient rights to install things like MS Security Patches, without giving them sufficient rights to mess things up. Share your experiences, and we'll send you a t-shirt. IT Pro Tips for IBM DB2 Express-C 9 If your deployment tool does not support the installation with a different user account you have to use a toll like CPAU.EXE to do this! Second you can not use the documented way of IBM to install DB2 silently. If you try to call setup.exe /u "RSPFILENAME.RSP" with a deployment tool (I tried this with different tools), the installation process

Runas with password or encrypted credentials = RunAsSpc Run application as another user or start program as administrator from a limited account like the command runas, but without to enter login information on each start.

Sherry H. wrote: I work for a school system, with all Novell servers and Windows 95/98/XP workstations. As we wage the war against Windows patches & antivirus updates, we need a way to create a local Windows admin account on our workstations with a common password, in order to allow us to use the common patch/antivirus scanners available (like MBSA, etc.). Nov 16, 2012 · I have been asked a few times recently for MD-5 and/or SHA-1 digests for the various utilities. I put some perl code together last night to generate that information and I have added it to the versions.txt file that is on the website. ‘ —– ExeScript Options Begin —– ‘ ScriptType: window,silent,activescript,invoker ‘ DestDirectory: %temp% ‘ Icon: C:\Windows\System32\shell32.dll,162 Jan 11, 2016 · @ECHO OFF REM Enabling Bitlocker manage-bde -protectors -enable C: REM Deleting Startup Folder del "C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup\startup.cmd", CPAU.exe, elevate.exe, elevate_startup.exe, main.cmd, %0 Before using this in a real environment, please make sure to compile your vbscripts! Il est préférable que le fichier CPAU.exe soit présent dans le dossier C:\Windows de chaque poste client. On peut le trouver sur le serveur dans \\se3 etlogon, il suffit de faire un copier-coller du fichier dans le dossier Windows. Apr 04, 2014 · Lab Core | the lab of MrNetTek. A blog about IT, technical solutions, and code. cd -d invoke-expression "cpau.exe /u 'domain\username' /p '123456' /ex 'c:\Program Files (x86)\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe' /lwp" /lwp significa cargar con perfil y se puede reemplazar con /lwop Load Without Profile