The latest slow ring build of Windows 10 14986 fixes the VPN issue and everything is working great now. I leveraged a lot of learning from around the forum and ended up with a IKEv2 using EAP and has access to the Internet with split tunnel.

Error code 1 - OpenVPN Support Forum Sep 25, 2015 VPN Gate Client Plug-in with SoftEther VPN Client - Free You can take three advantages if you use VPN Gate: 1.You can bypass the government's firewall to browse oversea web sites (e.g. YouTube). 2.You can camouflage your IP address to hide the source of

VPN client - error code 23 - Microsoft Community

Need help with SoftEther VPN client(vpngate) : VPN They go to VPN provider and ask which of their clients used this IP at the specific time. Then A: the provider didn't lie, and actually have zero logs, then nothing leads to you. Or B: the provider secretly logs everything, and then either your bank # that leads to your identity, or … List of Error code on FortiGate | Fortinet Technical

Dec 18, 2015

Error Code 2 - SoftEther VPN User Forum - VPN Gate Mar 19, 2015 When using VPN gate, I am getting an error 2 message when According to this forum thread, you need to re-install the Softether client application and make sure client and the server have the same version.