[SOLVED] "No internet access" - but there is - Windows 10

Solution 05: Use Network Troubleshooter. All the above solutions won’t work for you, let’s Troubleshoot the network connection. This process will automatically identify the problems fix those as soon as possible. First, right-click on the start menu and open Settings. Then Go to the Network and Internet. Fix for "Unidentified Network" / No Internet Access Oct 04, 2009 12 Step by Step Fix to WiFi Connected But No Internet Access Jan 05, 2020 How to Fix Unidentified Network Errors in Windows Apr 17, 2020

How to Fix "Unidentified Network" on Windows 10 | SoftwareKeep

Apr 17, 2020

Fix Limited Access in Windows 7 (WiFi Unidentified Network)

You may also notice a yellow mark of exclamation on network icon which points out your connected line has no internet access albeit the LAN is working fine. Resolving this issue differs, however, we listed the most effective methods that are more likely to fix Unidentified Network LAN in Windows 10.