Mar 20, 2020

How To Enable/Disable SmartScreen Filter In Windows 10 Nov 25, 2015 How to Disable SmartScreen Filter in Windows 10 - Make The SmartScreen filter in Windows 10 helps protect your PC from suspicious and malicious apps and files. Additionally, the SmartScreen filter can also show a warning message when you try to run an unrecognized app. SmartScreen leverages Microsoft cloud power to quickly detect, warn, and block potentially unwanted apps from running. What Is SmartScreen & Can I Disable It (2020 Update)

Nov 25, 2015

SmartScreen Filter. One of the uses of the SmartScreen Filter attribute that Internet Explorer has is to prevent individuals from accessing and “obtaining stuck” phishing websites, phishing is one of the cybercrime mode that seeks to get delicate details such as usernames and passwords of an account (social networks, email, and even financial). What is SmartScreen and why is it running on my PC? | Read Jul 12, 2018 Windows SmartScreen – How Windows Protected your PC

May 22, 2017

Windows SmartScreen - Turn On or Off in Windows 8