Mar 15, 2008 · So, the only TV in my house with HDMI belongs to my sister, the rest of the TV's are old ones. I have and Laptop with HDMI (Output i know the difference). I just wanna if is there any way possible to play PS3 using my Laptop (except with EasyCap, i don't have one) it can be any way guys might think, but just needs to be in my Laptop.

Jan 04, 2008 · If your laptop has an HDMI input then yes, you can plug in the HDMI wire from PS3 to the Laptop and in the laptop go to display options, display input. There should be that or similar options depending on the make/model/OS of the laptop. But most laptops only have HDMI output like my crappy dell. If your monitor has a HDMI port, then you can use a HDMI cable to directly link the PS3 to the monitor. This is pretty much the best option. 2. If your monitor does not have a HDMI port, but does Note: If you are attempting to change to an HDMI cable from a different video cable or if the video output settings do not match those required for the display in use, the screen may stay black. If the screen stays black for more than 30 seconds, you may need to reset the video output settings of the PS3. Feb 26, 2019 · Hi there, depending on your laptop model and year made etc it won't be possible for you to use your laptop as a TV screen because most laptops wont have the capabilities for the HDMI port to have it as in state instead your HDMI port is known to be as out state so you can connect a TV or a projector etc.

Yea, I don't think you can project an image from your PS3 to the laptop screen. Like the guy above said, that is a video "out" port, meaning that it will only project the image coming from the

Laptop's can't display incoming signals. You can display out-goings on a TV screen etc; and you can get some TV on laptops, but you can't plug a device like a PS3 into a laptop and display the

Jul 04, 2020 · 1. Connecting the PS3 Controller Using SCP Toolkit. Here is the step by step procedure to connect your PlayStation, 3 controller, to your device using SCP toolkit. If you want to use your PS3 controller wireless, then make sure you have a Bluetooth dongle in. Also, make sure your motherboard’s Bluetooth is enabled.

Sep 07, 2018 · On the Laptop You Wish to Use As A Secondary Display Click on the start menu and go into settings (the gear icon) From there, click on the System Icon Then click on “Projecting to this PC” option in the menu to the left