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With advanced data recovery techniques, a trained technician could recover significant quantities of your personal data. To absolutely, permanently erase the browsing history on your computer, you must also overwrite the data on your hard drive. Your search history isn't available right now. Check back later One of the new features of this calculator is the "History", which is actually not editable (one huge cons!). "Microsoft", please make it editable, it would be a very helpful feature! If you have ever found yourself stuck with the "History Panel" showing all the time, and you do not know how to get rid of it or hide it, this article is the key. Get Rid of Porn using Parental Controls. Once you have gotten rid of porn on your PC. You may want to ensure that no more gets on it. You can set up Windows Parental Controls to block out certain content and sites. Here is how: Click the Windows button and the click the Control Panel. Under User accounts and Family Safety, click the Parental

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