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4. You’ll see a message that you are about to connect to an unsecured network – select Yes. 5. You will see a message that testing your network will sign everyone out – select Yes. 6. At this point, your Xbox 360 will try and connect to Xbox Live, (unsuccessfully). 7. How to Connect an Xbox 360 or PS3 to the Internet with MS The future is now, which means you can do crazy things like connect to the world wide web through your Xbox 360 and PS3. Cool, right? Definitely. But before you start surfing the Internet you'll need to adjust the settings on both your computer and gaming console. This instructional video tutorial demonstrates the process and offers helpful user tips in setting up an Internet connection on How to connect Xbox 360 to the Internet? | Yahoo Answers Jun 23, 2009 Fix: Can’t connect to Xbox Live - Xbox One Live is a delivery service for online multiplayer games which is owned by Microsoft and mostly used in Xbox consoles such as Xbox 360 and Xbox One. It fulfills role played similar to that of Steam and Like all other streaming giants, Xbox Live isn’t without its problems too. Xbox Support acknowledging outrages of Xbox Live

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How to Connect an Xbox 360 to the Internet wirelessly In this video tutorial, viewers learn how to connect an Xbox360 with wireless internet. Begin by connecting your computer to a wireless network. Click on the Start menu and select Control Panel. Go to Network and Internet, and select Network and Sharing Center. Under Tasks, click on Manage network connections and select your wireless connection. Right-click on the connection and select How to Connect XBOX 360 to the Internet? | Yahoo Answers Dec 20, 2008

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How to Connect XBOX 360 to the Internet? | Yahoo Answers Dec 20, 2008 Networking Your Xbox | Connecting to Your Home Network If you already have high-speed Internet access via DSL or a cable modem, networking your Xbox 360 takes just a few minutes as you’ll see in the following sections. Establishing a Wireless Connection. Xbox 360 supports 802.11b/g/n wireless networks. Error 83820070 occurs when you try to connect to Xbox Live To learn how, see Manage your sign-in preferences on your Xbox 360 console. Solution 4: Troubleshoot your network connection (2) Check the console’s Internet connection to your router or modem. xbox 360 won't connect to wifi - Microsoft Community