Jun 01, 2018

Android cannot. Period. Whether it is VPN or monitoring by attackers. As explained, it is only providing a warning that your network traffic can be monitored if you continue to use VPN / apps / self signed CA. If you want the OS capability to deal with this kind of protection, then it seems to exist in the world's costliest Android phone - Solarin The Best Android VPNs for 2020 | PCMag Apr 09, 2019 What is a VPN app and why do I need one? | AndroidPIT Jul 16, 2016

Using a paid VPN service that includes android app. Seems to work fine, but VPN is the highest non-display or system app in total power usage and background usage, and keeps increasing.

It means exactly that. When you activate a vpn connection, you create an encrypted IP tunnel that connects your device to another network and virtually makes your device part of that network. VPNs are not there just as a public tool for people to What Does a VPN Hide, What Does it Do? - AddictiveTips

What does a vpn do on android? - Saturn VPN

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