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Server IP Address, port, Shared Secret. B. Set up Smart VPN Client File. Go to Smart VPN, and click Insert. Set up VPN Profile and click OK. Profile Name. VPN Server User Name. mOTP, and mOTP Settings. SmartVPN Build-in OTP Generator. Generate to automatically generate secret as below. Draytek Vigor 2920 Reviewed - SmallNetBuilder - Results VPN. There are three options for remote access VPN connections: PPTP, L2TP with IPSec, and IPSec. I tested all three options on a 32-bit Windows 7 laptop. The disk that comes with the 2920 has a copy of Draytek's Smart VPN Client 3.6.3 for IPSec client connections. Draytek's website has a new version,, which is the version I used. Work from Home Solution with VPN and App QoS | DrayTek Built-in VPN type is natively supported by the OS and no Smart VPN Client required. OS: Suggested VPN Type Matched VPN in DrayTek Router Security Advisory FAQ; Windows: For V2960 & V3900: IKEv2 IKEv2 EAP: For IPsec, use AES-SHA256 security method DrayTek - Posts | Facebook

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DrayTek Smart VPN Client. The Smart VPN Client is a VPN configuration utility. It makes VPN configuration easy for users. It can support the following VPN schemas, PPTP, L2TP, IPSec and DrayTek SSL Tunnel. Upon opening the Smart VPN Client there is a Configure button which allows to select several options, as L2TP over IPsec or simply L2TP.

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